Bits of Sweetness: April showers

April showers

What a wonderful April it has been so far! We started off the month with forty new pets! (Yes! Forty!) Andrew fell in love with caterpillars and has quite the collection now. It's adorable to see his nurturing side coming through, creating just the perfect home for them. All that fun came to an end when he started breaking out in hives from them (who knew?! I guess the hair from them can really irritate some skin!) so we are now just giving them yummy snacks and admiring from a distance.

We have just had so many beautiful days. Winter seemed to have skipped us completely!  It's a little odd to not have had any snow, but I'll take the sunshine! We've been taking advantage of it with some of our favorite things like....
trips to the river beach to sink our toes in the warm sand (and lose a sock! How do boys always manage to do that?! Pretty funny!)

Enjoy our favorite park (up the slide Adrian-style of course!)

See the world from a new angle!

Catch tons of sweet moments

Enjoy our local tulip festival with my grandparents

Adrian adored the kites! I guess you aren't supposed to grab them, but we sure had fun! (shh!!!)
Can't you just drink in all that color?! I am glad we went because it's one of those things- you know you have the chance to every year, so you end up never doing it! 

We are loving Andrew's new school he's going to and are looking forward to go to his first class play this next week. These first moments just thrill a mama's heart!

We were really lucky to get Andrew into sensory therapy at a local place a friend recommended. It's basically focused playtime and he loves it!! If you have a high energy kid, or one who is really sensitive to noise/touch/taste, or one who might be a little bit clumsy, I really quite highly recommend it! It's already made a huge difference with his crazy energy level throughout the week, plus he loves it! I just found out we snagged 1 or 2 spots left for swim therapy too! (Don't let the word "therapy" scare you! It's focused time and really so helpful to hear the "whys" behind it!)

Adleigh just keeps growing. She is so sweet! I am looking forward to flying with her to Elevate in California next month! She's my sweet pea and special little bug.

We've been enjoying an old family recipe that we lovingly dubbed "Puffy Pancakes" (that you'll find lots of other places too as Dutch Babies!) that I thought I'd share! The edges puff up and it's super yummy too! 

Puffy Pancakes
Preheat oven to 425. Melt 1/3 c, butter in 9x13 pan. Combine 6 eggs, 1 1/2 c.milk, & 1 1/2 c. flour. Once butter is melted, pour into pan and bake for 20-25 mins. Serve with favorite syrup, jam, or confectioners sugar and lemon juice! 

Happy SPRING!!!

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