Bits of Sweetness: Untitled sweet reminder

Untitled sweet reminder

Just a little encouragement for your day! It seems like there is so much more competition and subtle put-downs in parenting and life than there are encouraging words. When I'm tempted to criticize others, especially those close to me, I try and remind myself that they probably have heard so many this week already. Plus, kind words go so much farther, don't they?!

 This week, I am reminding myself (and you!) that, I am not the value of:
my laundry pile
my sink overflowing with dishes (for the third day in a row)
my missed appointments (oops)
my messed up words
my less than stellar parenting moments
my failure as a wife to see my hubby's needs, and big.

 To God, I matter a lot. He's loved me with an everlasting love. Even with all those things being true all at once (and more!) I know when I believe that I am defined by all these things, and try to just be perfect, it doesn't happen and I take out that frustration on everyone.

 Today, I am telling myself that I am worth gold to Him, no matter the day. Taking a deep breath too and lots of grace with it because when I stop believing that little voice of doubt, I find so much more joy!

Happy weekend friends! We're enjoying my grandparents here in town and possibly off to see our huge tulip festival!

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