Bits of Sweetness: Seven Ideas for a Meaningful Easter!

Seven Ideas for a Meaningful Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! I have fond memories waking up early Easter morning (usually crack of dawn to make the early Easter service and breakfast!) Easter baskets were a beloved tradition for our family, and of course a bunny cake! It's fun to carry on traditions and come up with some new ones for our own kids! I thought I'd share some fun meaningful ideas I came across!

[1] Resurrection Garden- easy way for kids to see the Resurrection come to life on their level!
[2] Watercolor Resist Eggs- use white crayon to draw a cross for a beautiful unique watercolor egg!
[3] Wooden Easter Story- creative visual of key symbols in the Easter Story for kids!These would make a fantastic story starter! On a simpler lever, you could draw with permanent marker on an egg, or do the traditional resurrection eggs. This is one of our boys' favorite things to do in the days leading up to Easter!
[4] Potato Stamping- the example is with eggs but you could easily make any shape your heart desires. What a great way to use natural items to create with! This is also a fantastic way to use up any sprouting potatoes.
[5] Empty tomb snack- While resurrection rolls will always hold a beloved place in our boys' hearts and are a must for Easter breakfast, these look like a fun idea for dessert later on to continue celebrating the glorious meaning of the resurrection! (plus tasty too!)
[6] Whipped Cream Egg Coloring- this is a great sensory and mess-containing way to dye Easter eggs. You can use either whipped cream or shaving cream and just add dabs of food coloring in (or mix it in some a little. if your kids are more adventurous and mess-loving like ours! ;-) )
[7] Peep Houses- Graham crackers, frosting, Peeps, and coconut or candy grass? I mean can you get any cuter? Add in Whopper eggs for an extra adorable touch. 

What are your favorite Easter traditions?! Any new ones you're trying this year? I can't wait for this year! Our boys are both old enough to really get into the meaning of the day, and I think seeing their excitement makes it even more exciting for me!

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