Bits of Sweetness: 10 Little Vacation Confessions

10 Little Vacation Confessions

I am pretty stoked about my upcoming trip to my first blogger conference. I've waited years for this and the moment is almost here! Three more days- I guess I have some time haha. But, for real- I'm trying to stay on top of the game so I am not randomly throwing things in five minutes before I need to leave. Random pants here. Random top there. Always making life a little exciting!

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at Elevate, and of course being right on the beach! (don't have to ask me twice!) Trips always thrill me, but trips to see people I love thrill me more!

So, my confessions. You're dying to know, aren't you?

1. I pack no less than five kinds of snacks.
Girl's gotta be prepared, I mean...!! Come on now! Gotta have some gum, chocolate, something crunchy, something with protein, and something else with chocolate ;-)
2. I  memorize my gate number and departure time. A week before. And then a few days before. And then an hour before. And five minutes before. And thirty seconds before, and you can bet I will be there!!
Years ago, I missed a flight back home, and it kindof freaked me out. Ok, really freaked me out! I hadn't even realized the gate had changed (no announcement at the gate!) and it felt so weird to just be sitting at my gate, no plane on the horizon. When I called to check the plane arrival time, they were giving me the plane landing time. Headed home. It was 11:00 at night. I almost cried at the thought of having to spend the night in the airport. (ok. I admit it; I did. It's a crazy thought when you're only 16. Thank goodness my cousin lived near the airport and came to the rescue!) This app totally solves the problem though. Ahh.
3. I always bring an empty water bottle and packets of my fave drink mix.
Not only does it save me money, but I don't have to deal with an open cup on the plane (I'm kindof a klutz! Ok a major klutz! If it's open I will probably spill it!)
4. I'm bringing these along this year. Hello: less laundry. Hello: 3rd kid mom probs.
Pros: they're super soft and you'd never know you're wearing them! You can get a free sample here!
Yep. You can hardly tell they're there. 

5. I agonize over which book to bring. I don't want to be caught reading something that makes my seatmate look at me weird. (That happened once!!) This trip's read is Confessions of a Shopaholic. I'm loving it so far.

6. I like to pull up a map of the airport I'm flying out of and the one I'm heading to so I can plan all my coffee stops. Most airports will even list what food places are near the gates, but it's helpful too to see where the restrooms and play area are. One layover, we did the moving walkway and the train for a few hours. That was fun!
7. I organize all the things in my carryon bag by category. It sounds weird, but don't knock it til you try it! I got tired of rummaging around in my bag, trying to sneak it out from under the seat and started doing this. It's especially handy if you're traveling with kids! Gravity seems to kick into full gear while traveling, so instead of fighting it, work with it. I put all the snacks in one bag, toys in another, games and books in another, and so on. It really helps. I just grab the bag instead of doing the shuffle.
8. I'm totally utilizing the passenger allotted luggage amount! Did you know even babies and toddler's under 2 get their own luggage allotment, even if they're not ticketed passengers?! Oh yeah!
9. Also: Adleigh's liquids over 3 oz. are totally fine through security. Even if your child doesn't use a sippy cup, or bottle, it's worth bringing one just to be able to take "their" drink through security so you have some of your favorite water. San Pelligrino all the way! (You'll love it Adleigh ;-) ) Just um, maybe not some of that kind of favorite drink ;-) They might catch on if they have your child test it ha!
10. Lastly- I always bring a bag of some kind of good candy or something just in case I have a really nice seatmate (or they are kind enough to deal with a sad/hungry/tired kiddo the whole flight!) I mean, you can't turn down a peace offering, right?! :)

Well, there you go. Ten of my travel-confessions. What are some of yours??

See you blogger friends at Elevate!!!!

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