Bits of Sweetness: Recipe for the COOLEST fun playful day {with #allfreeclear}

Recipe for the COOLEST fun playful day {with #allfreeclear}

I'm kindof a pansy when it comes to activities that involve making a mess.
There. I said it!
I'm totally one of those parents who plans activities based on how messy it isn't.

That parent at the children's museum hurrying the kids past the art station? Me.
The kids looking fondly over at the mud puddles? Mine.
That project not finished because it involves food coloring? Ours.

I asked Andrew what the coolest playful day would look like and here's what he came up with. 

So, we did just that! (Except 100 hours. We're still working on that one!)

They had a blast. Those smiles so outweigh the mess. Right now, I'm taking all free clear's challenge to just be #freetobe . I picked playful for our word because it's a great goal to incorporate more messy fun (it's what kids do best!) and not worry about the stains from it (all free clear does a great job getting them out anyways!) What word would you pick? Find some great ideas here, and submit a photo of your cutie being messy here for a chance to win all free clear for you and Peanuts gear for the kids!

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