Bits of Sweetness: You matter... all of you matter!

You matter... all of you matter!

As I lay here, I can't help but think about these tiny little chubby fingers holding tight to my heart. She rests her hand there, even in her sleep. It's precious. I want to just write, and keep writing until every last second of these moments are perfectly captured.
I want to remember these sweet lips, curled so perfectly as she sleeps and takes deep breaths, dreaming away.

I wonder what she's dreaming about. 
Those sweet rapid breaths and fast grin followed by a furrowed little brow and more dreams.
I wish this moment could last forever. 
In its own way it does.
I take a few minutes to just let it all sink in. 

Part of me pushes back a tear at the little babe I'll never know. She or he would be 8 now. Part of me will always think of them this weekend. I always do something in honor of that memory.

I have found that celebration is the cure for pain for me. It doesn't diminish the pain, but rather helps give a greater meaning to it. 

Sometimes, you have to decide to just live life. The pain will eat you alive if you don't.

This Mothers Day, I send lots of love and hugs to every mama and women who wish they could be. Chances are, you matter so much to so many in your life. I hope your time will come, but if it hasn't yet, choose to celebrate the glorious life you have. There is beauty and grace for the taking when the little becomes great. It's OK to check out of social media for the day. Celebrate the pain that is your story.

To the mamas who have kiddos, in heaven or here, celebrate your day. The story might not look like what you hoped it might but it is an incredible freedom that comes from choosing to smile over the craziness and sadness and not go down defeated.

God redeems every story. There is so much grace for the taking and beauty all around if we just choose to see it and give up our choking grasp on how we wish it might be and isn't.

Celebrate the day that is. The beauty is in the gloriously imperfect spots!

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