Bits of Sweetness: $1 DIY Monogrammed Button Art Piece

$1 DIY Monogrammed Button Art Piece

Who's down for some beautiful personalized DIY art? I sure am! I am a lover of repurposing items, especially if they hold sentimental value! Awhile ago, I decided buttons were my calling in life. I collected several jars-full of different colors and patterns, just sure that I would create some amazing pieces. Years passed, and I decided to just donate many of the buttons. However, I held onto a few favorites.

Last year, I created a beautiful nursery mobile for Adleigh with some of the buttons. It was special because they were from my Grandma.

I wanted to use the colors in our living room- blue and brown and tan along with a frame a dear friend gave me. I barely had enough but mission successful!

I used a pencil to place dots where I wanted the buttons to go. Just for fun, I decided to vary the size of buttons. (You could easily use multiple buttons of the same size to create a more bold look.)
I just used a piece of cardstock I had on hand to glue the buttons onto for a simple clean look.

I just love the personalized touch it adds to our home! I'm thinking about doing some for our kids' room too for their names.

Whole shelf. I love the "R" book from my sweet mother-in-law too! 
I couldn't pick a favorite so I have both up on display! 

Total project cost breakdown:
Frame: Gifted
Buttons: 75 cents
Glue: 25 cents

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