Bits of Sweetness: Favorite changes with Huggies #ultrahug

Favorite changes with Huggies #ultrahug

It's funny the things that can change when you're a parent. You think you know your kids and then they completely change their mind! Some changes we've had here:

Hating tomatoes then deciding they're amazing the very next day.
Loving baths then only wanting showers.
Fitting perfectly in the jeans I just bought him, then growing two inches in a week!
Begging for their favorite meal, then deciding they want nothing to do with it when it's on the table (too bad for you! Guess who is getting offered it for bedtime snack and breakfast too?)

One of those fun changes was diaper brand. I thought we had it all figured out with the perfectly-fitting brand for Andrew (yay for store brands!) But then Adrian came along and he had a completely different bum. Huggies was the only one that did the trick!

Annnd... Adleigh seems to be following suit too! These are her favorites!

I love the fit for her! And it's easy to pick them up while I'm picking up a few things at Walmart(only place that carries the awesome Snug & Dry line) But even more, I love what Huggies is doing right now. They want to donate $2,000 to ten different organizations or places in need. Between now and July 5, you can snap an #ultrahug selfie and nominate your favorite place. Voting begins July 6! Check out more info here!!

We are nominating local organization Love Inc and can't wait to see who will get some #ultrahug s from it!
Don't miss out on your chance to nominate your favorite park, organization, or school here!

And now tell me- which brand was your favorite??

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