Bits of Sweetness: Memories lately

Memories lately

Doing some family geochaching. We never found the caches but had so much fun!

Discovering life's little wonders (to eat! right mama?!)

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Enjoying some yummy summer fun.

Playdates at the park with friends! They just redid our playground and the boys adore the zipline they added. I'm glad they kept the merry-go-round. They love that just as much!

Sharing with friends

Time at the beach. The tide was way out so we were able to see some little creatures and build some fun muddy sand castles.

Eeeps!!! Can you say exciting?! I love Story of This Life.

We were thrilled to have a visit from my brother. He's back in the US after a long deployment. This sums our relationship pretty well :) It was a short visit, but I'll take what I can get!

We also enjoyed a visit from Josh's mom and her hubby. It was wonderful to see them!
We got some sweet pictures while they were here.

We're looking forward to 4th of July fun and our annual rodeo and parade, some more beach trips, and time in the sun. Summer is my favorite time of year! And, it's here!!

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