Bits of Sweetness: 11 months

11 months

I wish I could rewind time right now! I really appreciate my Timehop app because it's neat to be able to see what was going on a year, or two, or five ago! It's so hard to believe a year ago, that Adleigh was not here yet. And now, I find myself planning her first birthday party! So crazy! I only had a few minutes, and it was bright and sunny (not a photographer's fave!) and plus also? I had a little blue lawnchair to use for a prop, but I went with it because I would so much rather capture some imperfect photos than to not have anything at all. (Having a 50mm lens will help too! If you add bokeh to anything it is suddenly magical! You can get them for around $100 here!)

At 11 months we love: 
signing "more" by clapping
jabbering away
almost any food
trying to stand by herself a few seconds at a time
then clapping adorably when she does!
Still waking up once or twice at night to eat (I don't mind the snuggles!)
Eating her brothers' Legos
Playing with her brothers
Saying mama, papa, deedee (daddy), buhbuh (brother), oh oh (neighbor's dog)
going on walks
her shaggy Kitty (seriously the softest stuffed animal ever!)
being mobile!
and of course being adorably sweet!

We love you Adleigh!

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