Bits of Sweetness: Sweet memories + a few ways to survive the crazy newborn days!

Sweet memories + a few ways to survive the crazy newborn days!

Waiting for our sweet baby girl's arrival a year ago

A year ago was such a sweet time. I couldn't wait for our little girl to get here (and honestly, I didn't believe the ultrasound tech that it was a girl! I thought for sure it was a boy!) I was preparing the nursery in our room for her to sleep and dream sweet dreams. I was trying to imagine what she would even look like.

I was a little nervous about how feeding would go for her. Our oldest had a lot of tummy issues and switched from nursing to bottles and formula pretty early on. Our second one got his latch wrong for months and between mastitis and sleep deprivation for myself, we almost gave up on nursing but held on and it worked out for us. I just had no idea what to expect with Adleigh! It could easily have gone either way. I was glad to know we had options no matter which way things went. She decided she loved nursing! I'm thankful that mamas can choose what works the best for them though! Not everyone's story is the same, and there is no shame in that!

Feeding wasn't the only thing on my mind though, I have to admit! Sleep was another huge factor. There's the saying, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! It's so true, and sleep, I think, is such a big part of mama being able to be happy. I'm not even in the newborn days anymore and lack of sleep can just kill the day! Basically, I sure feel it and it's not fun! I was pretty much a mombie with all three kids after their birth. It's hard to recover sleep when birth takes so much out of you! I had no idea that I could have gotten a little expert help,especially key the first few weeks! (And free too? Ooh la la!)

Here are some things I do know though! You can survive the newborn days!

gerber formula for happiness

Other things we loved? Going on walks. Somehow fresh air really is like medicine for the soul! Did you know even just fifteen minutes can get the happy hormones going? It's true!

Daddy taking the baby for an hour so mom could get at least a little sleep.

Having a friend come over and watch the kids so mom and dad could go out for a short mini date (even just to the store!)

Taking mini breaks. (My favorite was being vigilant about my body healing and taking tons of salt baths with some lavender essential oil added!

There is nothing like seeing our sweet baby content and happy (am I right?!)

 I think the phrase might more accurately be, when baby is happy, mama is happy! Our #formulaforhappiness looked like lots and lots of snuggles (new to me since our boys weren't big snugglers!), being cuddled in a soft wrap for hours (what baby wants, baby gets!), plenty of chances to feed, and time close to mama's heartbeat since it's a familiar sound! 

Sometimes things might need a little extra help for baby or mama to be happy, and that's where Gerber Good Start's free sleep consultations can maybe provide some much-needed answers! Check out more here! Now tell me- what things made your baby smile or just content as could be?!

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