Bits of Sweetness: 25 Awesome Ways to Use Baby Wipes! (Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, not Messes!)

25 Awesome Ways to Use Baby Wipes! (Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, not Messes!)

Our little sweetheart just turned one year old!! It just can't be! 

I made a little smash cake for her special day. I put so many details into birthday party plans, but rain was in the forecast. Uhoh. Twenty percent chance of rain. Ick. Rain, rain, go away! God answered our prayers though, and sun prevailed! (Thank goodness!)

She loved the cake! And she loved it all over the place! (But I mean, what parent doesn't hope that their baby will enjoy their very first cake to the fullest?!) My husband has a fun story of his first birthday and not wanting to touch the cake. Adleigh was totally opposite. While tentative at first, she quickly discovered how delicious it was and it sound found its way all over. These were great for cleanup! I wanted her to be able to enjoy her party without worrying about the mess.
I realized something- baby wipes aren't just for babies! Even after our oldest was out of diapers, I kept a pack around because they were just so handy for any cleaning. Kids outgrow diapers, but they definitely don't outgrow messes! Some of my favorites:

25 Awesome Ways to Use Baby Wipes (you might not have thought of!)

::1:: Replacing those expensive pre-moistened face wipes
::2:: Spot cleaning your floor
::3:: Getting fingerprints off the wall
::4:: Wiping off the dashboard in your car
::5:: Birthday party cleanup!!
::6:: Getting allergens off hands(especially important to have out and about if you have anyone         with allergies in the family!)
::7:: Blotting away tough clothing stains (hello coffee-lover here!)
::8:: Getting tricky spots off the kitchen counter
::9:: Easy cleanup while camping (especially handy if you don't have running water!)
::10:: Appliance wipedown (bye bye smudges and fingerprints!)
::11:: Hair curling. Use like the old school rag ties and wrap hair around.Take off once dry                then voila! (it really works!)
::12:: Dusting off furniture (either wet or recycle them and use once dried)
::13:: Craft project cleanup
::14:: Mascara remover
::15:: Toilet paper substitute (probably not the best for your drains though so use this one                  sparingly ;-) I'll admit I've done this when I realize we're out! ha!)
::16:: Sneaker cleanup (it works like a charm on those dirty smudges!)
::17:: Excess hair dye removal
::18:: Kitchen table cleanup (used this one just last night at dinner!)
::19:: Replacing costly cleaning wipes (Just add a drop of essential oil and a little witch hazel!) 
::20:: Craft project material (this tye-dye idea is a fun one!)
::21:: Easy carpet stain removal
::22:: Substitute for steam mop or kitchen cleaner wipes (bonus: They stick right on the pad!)
::23:: Booger wipe (for kids or adults!)
::24:: As a white board eraser
::25:: Getting crayon off walls

What idea is new to you? Check out the new and improved Huggies Simply Clean wipes at Walmart. (They are made with triple layers!) Their #1 wipes are proven to clean better than other sensitive wipes, plus the designs are awesome! No shame in carrying these around in your bag! You can find even more ideas for your wipes in this video!

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