Bits of Sweetness: Yummy Toddler Kabobs

Yummy Toddler Kabobs

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You know what's in full swing here? SUMMER TIME!!! We're still working on our bucket list, and I'm thankful there is still almost a month left before school starts here.

One of the things on our bucket list this year was more picnics outside. Now, I grew up in Salt Lake and to me, a picnic meant an all-day escape to the glorious mountains to go hiking, and enjoy some lunch. My mom always made it special, taking the time to put together a delicious meal for us. I have so many great memories of picnics from my growing-up years.

Fast forward several years and part of me is hearing this "womp womp womp" over not having had any mountain picnics yet this year. However, I'm realizing that sometimes simple is what my kids delight in. To them, a simple little porch lunch picnic will do the trick. I can definitely be ok with that!

We always hit the little farmer's market on Wednesdays. This week we picked up some beautiful dark tomatoes. I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into our lunch today. I also picked up some Hillshire Farm Naturals Honey Roasted Ham from Safeway because we gotta get a little protein in there too, and I love that they don't add all the preservative junk that I try to stay away from in lunchmeat.

Our kids love fingerfoods, so I came up with a kabob. Also, enter in picky toddler.

He has about ten things that he really loves to eat, and nothing else will go past his, shall we say, refined palate. There is no tricking him either! He can sense it a mile away if I try and hide things in his food. Somehow though, finger foods are magic. Add in a kabob and it's even more awesome!!

They're easy peasy! Cube your toddler's favorite cheese ( I used colby jack and medium cheddar). Slice up Hillshire Farm Naturals Ham into bite-sized pieces. Chop up your veggies into inch-sized chunks. Have your toddler (or big kid!) Help you assemble it. You know how they have the whole, "No I do it MYSELF" thing going on?! Turns out they take more pride in their work than we think, so not only is it letting them do something by themselves, it also helps convince them to try new things. It's a great opportunity to talk about new fruits and veggies so they aren't so weird and scary to them!
Verdict? He loved them!! It was a total win! The tomatoes got a suspicious look, but he still tried one bite, so I'd call it a success! The ham he devoured!

There was even sharing and happy feelings going on!!

PLUS they polished off the kabobs! Winning all around, indeed!

I really appreciate Hillshire Farm's Love it or We'll Eat It idea! It's really cool! Basically, every package of their All Naturals line is completely guaranteed! And, if you decide you don't love it, they will refund your money, and donate a sandwich to someone in need! Check out more info on their site here

The next time you're needing an easy summer meal for your picky toddler (or picky big or heck, even for yourself ;) ) check out Hillshire Farm Naturals! They make a wonderful, delicious all-natural addition to your menu! Right now, you can even score them for 75 cents off with this coupon at the Just4U Safeway Online Portal! Good through 8/9/15 while supplies last!

What does your picky toddler like? What would you add to their kabobs??

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