Bits of Sweetness: Making Their Day With #SeptemBEAR and Snuggle

Making Their Day With #SeptemBEAR and Snuggle

Our kids love surprises. Love. Every single time I walk in the door, without fail I see adorable big eyes, and hopeful little boys asking, "Do you have a surprise for me?!" Usually Sometimes the answer is "no" because balance is good, but, sometimes it is fun to surprise them to see the pure joy.

I was given a couple Snuggle Bears to brighten someone's day. I picked our boys because they are pretty amazing, and are such a bright spot in our lives. I want them to know that they matter every single day, and every day is a day worth celebrating them being part of our family.
I put the box on our porch and let them know I had a surprise. It was nothing short of darling!

See, I have a thing for making our kids smile, and Snuggle does too! Did you know September is National Teddy Bear Month? It is! The Snuggle Bear brings back memories for me! Soft cozy memories, and always a smile with it too. (And that sweet smell. What is it about toys that you never forget the smell too?)

In the month of September, Snuggle will be donating 5,000 bears to children in need to help put a smile on their face. I asked Andrew who we could give our extra bear to, because there is something about giving a smile that is really special.

He thought about it a while and decided Adleigh would be a great recipient. She has been teething lately and has been so very sad. He wanted to cheer her up. Can I just tell you how much that warms my heart?! What a special, thoughtful brother! Maybe we are doing something right!

 She loved it! She can't stop burying her nose in the soft snuggly face and smiles- there are so many!

Now off to go enjoy some snuggle time with these three sweet faces!

What cheers you up? Did you have a Snuggle bear as a kid?
Be sure to share your story here with the hashtag #SeptemBEAR to help spread some smiles!

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