Bits of Sweetness: If I had a Wish List #safeandstylish with Smith & Noble!

If I had a Wish List #safeandstylish with Smith & Noble!

We live in an apartment. Our walls are white. Our blinds are cream. Our kitchen floor is white. Our floors are... this weird tan beigy color. Anyone else feel my pain? This happens often in our home!
Our kids are so curious! They love having a window to the world.I am always a little cautious though because it would not be hard to pull those blinds down. It's like anything remotely dangerous just beckons to them to be played with  So, I started making a wish list for our blinds, both to add color and safety to our space!

Their flat roman fabric shades are available up to 120"in width, which is a win for our huge wide living room window! I came up with these three favorite patterns

Option 1: Henna/Navy

Option Two; Sonata/Parchment

Or Option Three: Hollister/Navy

Their blinds don't have cords! That alone would seal the deal for me! Ours right now do and it's just not the kind of toy you want your babies playing with!

What is your favorite pattern? What would you add to update your home? Head here to choose from the gorgeous ones they have available and see what could add some inspiration (and safety!) to your home!

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