Bits of Sweetness: A Mama and Daughter Date

A Mama and Daughter Date

Some spontaneous ideas are just too good to pass up! Tonight, I decided to take Adleigh on her first mommy & me date. It was just for a chocolate muffin, but oh the fun we had! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

We like to think simple fun here! A $1.25 muffin from the day old display, lots of kisses, time to explore and admire the purple cabbage, and a few favorite things along with us to make for a smooth mommy and me date like thisthis, and of course, sweetness. Lots of sweetness. Because, we just exuberate that these days! I don't mind. Some moments she wants to be held. Some moments she is gleefully running away. All the moments though I am savoring in my mind for when she is not so little anymore! I love you Adleigh. I am so glad we got our first little mama and me date! 

The secret to a perfect mommy daughter date? 
One cute bag that fits in her hand
 + relief for the little one(just in case!)
+ cool multi-color clicky pen 
+ fun-colored notes
+ a sweet treat just because
=many smiles and memories!
A special thanks to Desitin for sponsoring one happy bum (Adleigh's!) and many happy moments! If you ask her, things should always be this smooth sailing! I happen to agree :) And, thanks to you all who help support our family by checking out these amazing sponsors! All opinions expressed are my own!

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