Bits of Sweetness: Five Dollar Date Night

Five Dollar Date Night

So what would you do with five dollars? Go to dinner? See a movie? Maybe fifty years ago! These days, we'd be doing good to have a dollar store or dollar menu date night for five bucks! (Needless to say, we have done the dollar menu date night. Super fun but I like this idea more!)

With the holidays here, we haven't had much time for a night out, so we planned a night in. (Josh has to be up early, so it works out nicely anyways.) This is what we came up with!

What you need:
Favorite chocolate= $3
Your computer
Your sweetie
Total cost= $5!

Dutch chocolate with each of our initials & kettle corn? Yes please!

Check out our date night "set list."

1 Heroes Reborn
2 The Blacklist
3 Chicago PD
4 Chicago Med
5 The Voice
6 Chicago Fire

What is it about money that sometimes feels like you're missing out? I'm glad this isn't the case. No cable for us, but a lot of our favorite shows are here. We love snuggling up with the laptop and catching up on these! No tv=no problem for us. Yay to that!

I missed the original Heroes series, but I'm really happy that 1) I have something I can follow now and 2) it's something Josh enjoys too. Also that 3) it's available so easily to watch! Head here to see how you can add some of these shows to your date night list!

Footsies all night long!

Thanks to NBC for sponsoring today's discussion!

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