Bits of Sweetness: Love looks like...

Love looks like...

Three piles of clean clothes. I would love to just conquer all of it and never have to deal with washing and folding and drying again, but I know that's not realistic. For now, I'm trying to see it as love. It's an act of love to give our kids clean clothes (required, but still love.) I try and remember that!

Little streaks. These drive me nuts, but they're proof that we have three adorable blessings to love on.
Days with no clothes. Three-year-olds apparently love their birthday suit. A lot. I'm working on just letting it go the days we're at home!

Eyes pleading for some extra love. I have a hard time breaking from the to-dos to pick this one up for the tenth time today, but sometimes, we indulge! You just can't replicate the snuggles, even if just for a few minutes.

Hands begging to be touched. Some days, I'm just done being touched. It's then I'm usually challenged to just give a little more.

I am thankful for my kids. They have really helped me learn what true love really is It's not found in the grand and glorious but nitty gritty. Realizing that it is love is one of the most truly profound things I have ever discovered!

What does love look like in your life?

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