Bits of Sweetness: My View Lately

My View Lately

Beautiful lights seen while Christmas-ing as a family. We ended up with a front-row view, across the river, for a local Christmas light boat parade. It worked out perfect to be warm and cozy in our van, not surrounded by people! We explored a beautiful large neighborhood afterwards. Christmas lights just feel so holy and lovely to me!

Pretty fog on our way to town. I love taking the back roads. They are less busy and offer such a beautiful view!

Lovely colors while waiting for the bus. It makes up for the cold temps!

A bout with the norovirus. Thankfully it was short-lived! Short nights of sleep are hard, but I try and remind myself that no one later regretted how much sleep they didn't get. The precious snuggles and her sweet little sighs make it worth it!

Admiring early Christmas gifts from Uncle Nathan. How special to get a visit from him while he was on Navy leave! We celebrated birthdays and Christmas early. I don't love the goodbyes, but I love that he is so miss-able. I guess one good thing from people's absence is realizing how much they mean to you, and making more out of time together. 

Funny story for you:
Adrian loves all things Christmas this year, including Bethlehem and the baby in the manger, Santa, and his reindeer, and the Christmas tree. The other day, he noticed some deer standing in the rain and exclaimed, "LOOK!! There are some reindeer!! There's the mama reindeer, daddy reindeer, and baby reindeer!" But of course! They're rain deer! Makes sense!!

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