Bits of Sweetness: Sweet little moments like that.

Sweet little moments like that.

I can't believe this one is sixteen months old now! It just shouldn't be possible! She has been learning and growing so much.

One thing I try and do is capture some of the details I want to remember later! Things like this:

Sweet eyelashes

Eyes full of hope and possibility.

Contemplating peek-a-boo.

Curiosity (with an adorable photobomber!)

Fingers that clutch her favorite things that accompany her on expeditions.

As she's grown, we have made sure to remember her favorite things. The soft and cuddly teddy, a pink bear blanket, book pages that she can turn, crinkly tags she can play with, fluffy pancakes that fit in her adorably chunky wrists, and snacks to keep her company while she explores. She definitely has a little mind of her own! It's so amazing to see!

We've kept a few things handy on our just-in-case list because you never know when you might need a Plan B, C or even D! Feeding her has been really easy, but we know from experience that babies sometimes have a mind of their own (only bottles, forget the bottles, give me only mom- we've seen them all!) and sometimes, having a little formula for happiness will help a lot! Life is just a lot less stressful when we have at least a few options in mind, isn't it?!

It's been so much fun to watch her grow. We love you Adleigh!

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