Bits of Sweetness: Just Love You

Just Love You

Linking up with Three Things Thursday & Megan, Kristine & Nay here.

I've been loving:

1:: Coconut Coffee.
Have you heard of this?? I keep seeing this pop up in my feed but had  no idea what it was. I saw it at Costco, balked at the $9.99 price tag, but decided it might be a good treat. Bingo. It's delicious. Mornings *changed.* It's better than bulletproof coffee (I'm honestly not too fond of that texture so this wins out.) It's really easy- two teaspoons added to hot water. That's it. Columbian coffee & creamy coconut flavor? Oh yeah. Yum.
You can actually get a free sample here. Sweet, huh?!

 2:: The Shoemaker's Wife
Last month's book club read that I'm finally finishing (oh hai busy life with three kids and a job.) I love historical fiction. If I could go back into any time period, this would be it. What is on your list right now?

3:: Loving myself
Ouch. This is a hard one, honestly.

Specifically loving how young I look. Most joke that when I'm older I will love it, but when people use it to put you down really hard and deep, even to imply you're failing at life because of it, it stops being funny and enticing. I've lived with hurtful rude comments my entire life, and it kind of just became part of me. It's almost like you start to embrace the freakish criticism they dole out- like that's your identity. Like maybe they own your life validation. I know it's so far from the truth though. They do not own anything. I'm working on smiling at the mirror more. I suppose part of my pain has been being passed over for some great jobs lately (why did they have to be so perfect?) And part of me wonders if the age thing isn't maybe a factor (Who wants a 18-year-old looking gal managing a medical office?) But, chin up. I know the perfect job will come. A few quotes I love.

Love yourself a little more.
You're amazing.
You are.

You don't need permission to love yourself (especially not from those who criticize!) Think of the one thing you hold over yourself the most- that person who just doesn't approve, that number on the scale, the way that body part is, or the way your personality is- take it, put it in your hand like a bubble and blow it away. Now give yourself a big hug. You're amazing right now. Not in an accomplishment later or five pounds. Right now.

Own that. God sure does :)

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