Bits of Sweetness: When You Lose Your Fire

When You Lose Your Fire


What do you do when you find your fire and inspiration to be completely gone? It's hard to want to put yourself out there without it, isn't it? Lately I haven't wanted to write. I don't feel like I have anything great to jot down (er.. type out). I guess I'm pretty all or nothing. I want to have a fantastic piece before I hit "publish" or it feels like it doesn't count, you know? I've struggled with that for a long time. It's why I haven't tried to learn the guitar or Spanish or write a book. I don't want the messes along the way. I just want something that shows my passion and fire in all its glory. When it's gone though? I don't really even want to try. 

Where do you find inspiration when it's nowhere to be found? This is what I like to do:

1:: Find the little things that make you smile. Jot them down.
Source: Rose Hill Design Studio

2:: Learn something new and share that with the world.

I took a zentangle class yesterday with one of my friends and loved it. I signed up on a whim because I love to doodle and wanted to expand my abilities. It was worth it! Sometimes something out of your comfort zone can give a ton of inspiration!
Finished Product! I happened to win a beautiful journal too. I am looking forward to filling it with more zentangles.

3:: Find a writing prompt and go from there. There are some great ones on Twitter like Writers Write , Hourly Prompts & Writerly Tweets (6 word prompts!) 
You could even use that prompt as a springboard for a blog post or writing. 

4:: Just be yourself!
So often we want to put something exceptional out there, but the simple really is beautiful. Have a "coffee chat" video. Write a list of what you've been loving lately. Recount a favorite memory. Jot down your bucket list. I love the simplistic things my writer friends come up with too! 

5:: Know that it's ok to not always be on fire! There is nothing wrong with you.  
Creative breaks are really quite healthy. They help you recharge and come up with new great things! Hard work involves sweat and uninspiration too. God didn't continually create amazingness at creation- even He rested! I know everyone talks about passion and fire like you have to have it to matter or reach it, but those times where you don't have any matter too. They make up who we are, and learning to be content with those is what helps us see the beauty in the little grand things too. After all, we miss the big things if we are only focused on seeing them. They come from a culmination of contentment and hard work with the simple. Keep going! You will be glad you did!

Keep on my incredible friends. I love what you do!

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