Bits of Sweetness: Dear One: Find Your Joy Again

Dear One: Find Your Joy Again

Dear One,

Let me say this: You are amazing. Amazing. How was your day? Did the laundry pile sprout more pieces than you wanted? It's ok. It really is. Our worth is not in what we do. It's not found in what we cross off that endless list. Those cross-off marks feel so good, don't they? Do you know something? Your value is not in those lines. Your value is not on that page. Your value is found in the one who made you; found in the One who knit you together in your Mama's womb. You don't need the to-do list to matter. You don't need a fabulous job either.

It's so easy to try and look to something tangible to figure out how much we matter. Some days are easy. Some days there is lots of laughter and smiles.

Others days aren't so clear cut. They hurt. It's hard to just see the beauty. Some days you're just tired. Tired of life not working out like you hoped. Hold on though, dear one. You are loved. Chances are, you're surrounded by blessings too. Start with the small things; the things that you normally just glance past. 

Bubbles are an awesome one. (Seriously, have you bought some just to let your inner child smile? You should!)

I love fresh flowers. I make a point to buy a $14 bouquet often from Costco. It instantly adds joy to my day. 

See, joy is not found by arriving but in the travel; in the in-between spaces and places. I've started to smile at the things that may normally drive me crazy. It's hard to find joy in the sticky spots, undone checklists, and crumbly messes, but you know what? Those each represent life to be lived. That I love!

I think I'm going to change my word of the year. I'm changing it to "embrace." I want to embrace the hard, and lean into the joy that is there just waiting to be grasped. 

I'm going to stop making myself qualify for this joy right now. We never really reach that spot because we so long for it all to completely fall in place. One could spend a lifetime looking for that perfect alignment, only to be sorely let down by it not being up to par. Why don't we embrace the right now. There is so much joy right where you are. 

What brings you joy?

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