Bits of Sweetness: Doodle Color Block Art

Doodle Color Block Art

Summer is almost upon us, and I am finding that it's a good idea to start saving up fun art projects- our kids LOVE them! This idea came to mind while I was doing devotions one day, and had my journal nearby. Our youngest wanted to be a part of it (a common thing these days!) I handed her a pen and watched the creativity flow from her chubby little hands to the paper below. I realized it would make a beautiful collaboration if I colored in the doodled spaces she had created and voila! A fun idea was born.

It turns out different every time, and it gives our kids an activity to do that they actually spend some time at so they can give me a fun doodle to color. Even our 1 1/2 year-old will sit for 5-10 minutes working on one with me. The amazed look on their face makes this one worth it!

To make your own doodle color block art you will need:

*Thick paper
*A variety of gel pens, markers, pencils, and crayons
*A little doodler

Have your little artist create some doodles with one color pen or marker. The more shapes made, the better! Pick out 4-5 colors to use (I love using some bright ones and more subtle ones because it makes a striking contrast!) Color away! According to the latest research, coloring reduces stress! Bring on the doodles, I say!   

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