Bits of Sweetness: A Day By The Sea #discoverboating

A Day By The Sea #discoverboating

There is just nothing like the fresh air and sea salt water in the summertime! We have this wonderful boat festival here that we had never been to and decided to go to this year. I am not sure why we haven't yet, because it is a lot of fun and the location is just beautiful! I mean, take a look at the view! Something about the boats and the water and sky that makes my heart sing!

We met up with some friends of ours and had a great day exploring. They had the docks open for everyone to see all the boats. We had fun dreaming of which one we would each pick. This was Andrew's favorite

We made so many new fun memories. They offered free charter yacht rides, but we were there a little too late to be able to do it. Next year for sure we will make it happen! Our kids love being anywhere around water, and boats are just awesome.

I didn't realize how easy it was to get on the water! I am adding a few of these to my list (including paddle boarding- I've never tried it!) We would love to own a boat someday, but for now I'll take these fun festivals and the ability to rent some fun on the water!

What is on your bucket list this summer? Are you hitting the water too?


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