Bits of Sweetness: Love is Larger (+ free printable!)

Love is Larger (+ free printable!)
Download a free copy of the printable here for your wall or desk!

Love is larger than the walls
which shut it in.

-Corrie Ten Boom

If you've never read The Hiding Place I highly recommend it. Corrie ten Boom was imprisoned by Nazis for hiding Jews in a secret room in their family's watch-making shop in Holland. Her time in Nazi concentration camps was horrific. It's a miracle she survived. Her perspective blows me away. She later came face-to-face with one of the guards and ended up forgiving him. To have that kind of compassion comes from somewhere much greater than human strength. It's a light within that shines brighter than hate. This quote above has come to mind often. There is just a lot of terrible stuff in the world (especially recently.) I don't want to just turn a blind eye and continue on my way. I want to do something and make a difference, especially when it comes to teaching our kids and helping them grow into people who love others more than what is comfortable.

I want our kids to love others who are different from them.
I want our kids to have compassion for the people who are less than others.
I want our kids to be the ones who will show kindness even when it costs them dearly.
I want our kids to see that everyone is important in this world. 
I want our kids to repay hurt with love and prayer. 
I want our kids to see hurt and to do something about it.

The thing is, jumping to stop all the hurt in the world with more hurt and harm just continues the cycle. It's not an answer. Prayer and love are what can change the world. Sometimes it means seeing hurt and realizing that although we cannot completely stop it, we can choose positive action instead of just anger. One person is all it takes to make a difference, and a ripple effect!

Change beings with love in the messy and the unglamorous. Change has eyes that seek the best no matter what. It seeks to show love when it's hard and when it's not pretty. It seeks to believe the best and seeks to give hope and light.

On a positive note- South Sudan just turned five years old! It is the youngest country in the world! Life there has a lot of sadness though. It's a place I wish I had a magic wand for to make everything all better. (It's too bad bandaids can't fix everything like they can with my kids!) There are some amazing things we can do however through CARE. They are a leading global organization in fighting poverty. They make a lot of awesome change happen!

 *Two weeks of clean water
*Three months of emergency meals
*Nutritional support for a malnourished child
*A way for kids to obtain an education and life skills

 Andrew, our oldest is eight. He has a pretty bright future ahead of him.
He could become an astronaut, or a scientist, or a cake baker (his latest pick!) He has never been sick from not having access to clean drinking water or good food.  It's another story in South Sudan.

This is Chianyal. She is five years old- as old as her country! 
She loves her siblings a lot, just like Andrew does. Organizations like CARE help give her clean water when the closest sources cause disease and provide an education when normally, she would be working to help support them and maybe never see a school or books.

I asked Andrew what he wanted to do to make a difference in South Sudan. He brought me his change that he had saved for summer spending money. 

"Give these to that girl, mama! She should go to school too." He worked hard for these coins, but he was happy to give them up for Chianyal. Every one of us counts. Every penny helps change the world.

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