Bits of Sweetness: Happy Ten Years!

Happy Ten Years!

Dear Sweet Husband of mine,

Ten years. Wow. Happy anniversary! I did not even manage to pick up a card for you this year (I couldn't even find one that summed up how much I love you. Why are they all so cheesy?!) So, we had a wonderful date instead where I told you how I felt a lot. I'm a sucker for days like anniversaries and Valentines Day because it is just special to have a day to just bask in the special-ness of what we means to us (not the world.) In theory yes, we say it all the time, but it's just nice to have a day to focus on it and enjoy each other's company!

I love your wisdom. I love your calm patience. It often drives me crazy because I like answers right away, but good things come to those who wait. I love just being with you. (At least, most of the time :) We have our moments driving each other crazy too!) You know you have something special when no matter what you are doing- coffee together at home, to a rare date out- you thoroughly enjoy it.

It's crazy to think our story has spanned more than a decade. From creating phrases with song titles we loved 11 years ago to  welcoming three babies, to anniversaries we almost forgot about in the newborn daze, special cards left on random days just because, trips made together, to going through loss with our first one- we have truly loved and gained so much. God has blessed us richly. We still don't own a house or a car newer than 13 years old :) Our bank account is not full but our hearts sure are. To everything a season, and I sure love ours.

This next season might bring the most surprising and hopefully best chapter yet. I love you, dear.


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