Bits of Sweetness: 10 Easy Fun Ideas for Valentines Day

10 Easy Fun Ideas for Valentines Day

Thanks to Walkers Shortbread for providing the wonderful cookies as part of the post today!  All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Or month, because who wants to cram it all in one day?! I came up with some fun ideas for you that don't cost a lot of money and are fun ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your love or with your friends.

1.. Tea for Two

Tea is such a lovely, easy treat with either your love or your best friend. I brought over some treats (Walkers Chocolate & Raspberry Shortbread from their new Luxury line were probably the favorite!! They got snagged up rather quickly) and my friend and I enjoyed an hour to just catch up. The gift of time and a few goodies with it go together well. There's a tea place near us that is also wonderful for dates or time with a friend. Sometimes outside-the-box wins!

2.. A book of love notes

Sappy, yes. Thoughtful, also yes. Use a photo editing site like PicMonkey and design simple colored squares with text, then upload to a photo book site and order love notes your sweetie can look back on through the year. You could do complements (I love it when you let me win at Canasta!) or memories. Memories and thoughts are neat to capture in tangible form. Right now, several photo sites have discounts available in time for the holiday!

3.. Lunch date

We're skipping dinner plans this year and opting to take advantage of the time the kids are in school. It saves a lot of money to hit happy hours! It's kindof fun to skip the dinner rush too and go when the crowds are all at work still. This works for breakfast too if you can't skip out on work. Just plan to go in a little later and get a nice breakfast with your honey.

4.. Snag local deals

Our local DealSaver, Groupon, and Living Social are all great places to snag dates and meals on a discount. Right now, there's a $25 certificate for $17 at a popular local Mexican restaurant.

5.. Free is sweet!

Don't forget local event listings! There is a free Valentine's Day swing dance that is donation based) in a town near us. Dinner is only $10 if you go early. We're staying home and just enjoying time together this year. We might find a good movie on Netflix or break out a card game. Saving on a sitter and just doing it after the kids go to bed is one of our favorite things to do when a fancy date just isn't in the budget.

6.. Girls brunch

Source: Unsplash

This trend has become known as a "galentines party." There are lots of ideas and ways to do this, but the gist is that girlfriends get together and celebrate the love of their friendship. I'm looking forward to a get-together this week actually! We're just doing simple food and a craft, but the conversation and celebrating will be sweet. It's a week before Valentines Day but good enough for me! I love celebrating all month long!

7.. Surprise Date Night

This makes for a true date night surprise! Take turns flipping a coin and go right if heads, left if tails. Do it on the way to dinner or as the date night with a picnic packed. Either way, the element of surprise and turns bring lots of laughs!

8.. Accessory swap

Inexpensive way to exchange some jewels with your girlfriends, and a way to get some new accessories in time for Valentines Day! Plan it a few days ahead so you have time to also plan a date night outfit with it!

9.. Save $ on cards

Dollar Store for the win! They get cards from bigger stores but they're still all a dollar. Score a discounted card that still has a meaningful message or, go together, pick out cards, show each other, and put them back.

10.. Recreate one of your first dates!

This is always a fun one! Some of our best ones have been the beach, used bookstores to buy something for each other, and a new museum.

How are you celebrating this year? I am like a kid at heart and am counting down the days. It almost doesn't even matter what we're doing- just being with my soulmate is enough for me.

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