Bits of Sweetness: Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies

Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies

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This recipe is double caramel, y'all (and to me, that will win fall over the ever-popular pumpkin). Apple pie just leveled up and there's no way I am going back to just simple apple pie. Nope. The filling is caramel appley goodness and the top is drizzled with, you guessed it- caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. It is a match made in heaven.

Once upon a time, I believed "caramel" was spelled the way we here pronounce it- "carmel". I couldn't believe it had that extra "a" in it! Perhaps it was because I'd seen it spelt that way in the Bible referring to the place. Who knows! But, it still takes me a little bit to translate "carmel" to the actual correct spelling of "caramel." Regarless of phoenetics and spellings, this is one delicious fall recipe you should add!

We found some beautiful local honeycrisp apples at the store to use for this. I diced them quite small (after all, these pies are miniature-sized and regular dicing just won't cut it.)

I've never used Puff Pastry until this recipe and I am now wondering why it has taken me this long. I have a dear appreciation for pie crust crafting, but friends, it is just not in my repertoire of skills yet! I will gladly use something delicious and easy!

 I have memories using this cookie cutter when I was little. It is special to use it in baking for my own family. There is something almost sacred about flour on old handles and pieces that just brings family heritage and history to life!

10 minutes in the oven and ba-bing! Done. Drizzle the pies with caramel sauce (the same that goes in as the apple filling) and garnish with a little sea salt. Waiting for it to cool is, of course, optional! 

I mean, just take a peek at that caramel drizzled so tastefully on the miniature pies. (What is it about miniature size that makes me contemplate indulging in? I'm not complaining, whatever the case!)

Download the recipe here

Are you team pumpkin or apple pie? 

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