Bits of Sweetness: Easy Instagram View Hack!

Easy Instagram View Hack!

Are you doing this on your Instagram page? I hope so!

I can't tell you how many times I have seen an Instagram photo posted to Facebook without the text changed to easily direct the reader to the link. So often it says "See link in profile" except- that doesn't work on Facebook.

Here's the hack. It's really simple!

When you post a photo, deselect sharing to Facebook and other social media sites.

Share it only to Instagram.

Once saved, go back and select "Edit."

Edit the text for social media to include either the direct link or a link. Be sure to give sponsored credit if appropriate.

Tada. Boost your views! It works! People on Facebook or Twitter don't know where to look on your profile for your "link in profile" because often there isn't one like there is in the profile on IG.

Save the hassle and boost your views! And, just a hint- once you share it, go back so it doesn't save the edit on Instagram.  Win/win all around!

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