Bits of Sweetness

Favorite mornings

These have been my favorite mornings lately. I brew a mug of tropical tea, add a splash of coconut creme with half and half, and sip it while I write in my journal and have some quiet time. Most mornings it happens super early because the kids have been getting up anywhere from 6:00 to 6:30. You know that joke that a yawn is a silent scream for coffee? It's completely true! I like having some time to find calm before I start in with the busyness of the day. No one wants to be silently screaming! School will be starting very soon and I appreciate having a mental routine already set for myself to avoid some of the early morning chaos that is too familiar!

One of my favorite gifts from my mother-in-love. It's one of my dearest books.
It's a joy to read from it,write and doodle in it. Currently, I am writing verses out in my notebook.
There is so much calm in my day!

Some things are just synonymous with "cozy" in my mind. One of them is fuzzy socks. I have them on my Christmas list every year and make good use of them. During the winter, I am one of those weird souls who will even mix and match them just to have warm toes. These ones are my favorite right now. 

I joke that I wish I had not a mood rock for our children, but a time rock that would let me know when they will be up. So far, it seems like it's going to stay in the 6:00 hour. Craziness. It feels so early!! This has been a life-saver though. Serious gem here!
His (right) and hers (left). I've found that I'm not groggy the next day like I normally can be. I feel refreshed, which is pretty awesome. It's crazy not needing coffee right away. Yay for restful sleep! 

What starts your morning out on a good note?

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Hi Summer!

Hi Summer!

You are here! We are so thrilled! So far, we have filled you to the brim with fun memories and we aren't even halfway through yet! Thank you for coming around every year. There is something about it th