Friday, August 29, 2014

Just a chocolate chip cookie kind of day

I don't know about you but I'm ready for some double double chocolate chip cookies after today. It was just one of those days.

The kind where the laundry gets restarted again and there is always, always more to put away.
The kind where the almost-2-year-old is convinced his sister's size one diapers will fit him because they have Elmo on them!!!

The kind where it's payday (yay!!!) But welcome to being an adult and getting to do exciting things like buy new tires and now you're checking when the next payday is. Hooray!!!

Today was the kind of day that found me sighing at all the random toys strewn across the house. I think I counted thirty at least.

Today was the kind of day we didn't see any of Daddy because of working both jobs. 

But, today was not all bad. I got to spend today with my three sweet blessings. They fill my days with laughter in-between the cereal bowls getting spilled all over and little tiffs between brothers. I got to listen to sweet baby girl's contented little noises while eating (and, I give a huge sigh of relief that nursing is going so well. I was still in so much pain and battling mastitis at this point with Adrian.)

Today found Adrian sneaking in snuggles with Adleigh. He adores her.

Today found me soaking in newborn wonder and snuggles with a girl that just doesn't want to be put down long.

This article (and new favorite blog. I could read it for hours) sums up my days so well. It's what I want to remember and think of each day. Not the laundry not done or the dishes piled up but this- "That’s where I want to land at 8:00pm every day, assessing it by what we learned and how often we laughed and the new words we heard. "

These are my blessings. May I love them all the more and enjoy this season of life home with them no matter how long or short it is.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Going from two to THREE stinking cute kids!

Here's what we've been up to lately in pictures!!!

Meet: Most adorable office assistants ever!

They were "helping" me finish up these dreamy wedding photos that I almost finished before, oh, I don't know, a sweet little baby girl happened to come and interrupt! (Best interruption ever though, right?!)

Adleigh is inducing many tears. You guys, she is only a week old and already copy catting her brothers in the holding-head-up department! Make it stop already!!!

Other things we've been doing:
Kids Zumba. 

I am SO proud of this boy!! He's never done Zumba before and didn't know anyone there, yet jumped right in and had so much fun. This was just a free event put on by the local community center for the summer, but they're talking about starting it up regularly in our little town for kids. I'm thinking we just might sign him up! I mean, the kids only get about half the moves and are pretty much just jumping around the other time to songs like "The Hamster Dance" and cooling down to "Do you want to build a snowman?" but it is stinking cute!!

Annual church picnic/horseshoe competition
They were watching a guy flying huge RC planes, which Adrian just happens to love right now. 

Snuggles with Grandpa
Isn't my dad just about the cutest Grandpa ever?!?! The boys call him "Papa." I think he was made for being a Grandpa! And now he has a *Grandaughter* to love!!

Someone turned a week old.
Say what?!?!

Josh went back to one of his jobs yesterday.
The five hours he was gone went something like this.

Doing a lot of laughing here lately because, well, hair-pulling just hurts too much.

Things I'm not even going to apologize for but could:
-the state of boxes everywhere because organization with three kids? Good one! :) I swear they are on a mission to make me as unorganized as possible!
-most of the pictures being from my phone. Actually all. One of these days I will have a camera that is wi-fi enabled. I looked into an iPhone or Galaxy 4 or 5 but geez louise. I guess the latest thing for our carrier is awesome plans but paying FULL PRICE on the phone in monthly payments. The full price on all these cool phones, even the older ones like the Galaxy 4 is $500-$700. Sorry phone carrier but at that point, I'd rather just get a camera!! We love our carrier otherwise though (hello $10 unlimited data!!) so, I think I will just pay off my phone and sell to get a cheaper older one at some point. But camera. I have this one on my wish list! Isn't it pretty?!

Lastly: I just discovered this. You really need the Target Red Debit Card if you don't have one!
Hello saving money on my brother's Navy grad gift!!! (Itunes gift card for The Room game. Seriously awesome game by the way!!!! You need to get it!! Find it here! ) And: We are SO EXCITED that he finally finished!! (Not his fault! The plant kept breaking down!!) And will be visiting for a month before heading to his station!!! (thankfully stateside and closer than NY!)

Wrapping it up for now :)
And, linking up here!
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Friday, August 15, 2014

She's here!!

So once upon a time I posted this:

And then five hours later this:

I'll post her birth story soon! It was just three hours and we beat a train to get back to the birth center to have her! In the meantime you can find me snuggling this sweet bundle of perfection. 
First moments with Daddy

Oh and? Her brothers are over the moon in love!

Adrian was worried about her belly button "owie". Sweet boy.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Things I've Learned This Week: Boys can make anything smell like pee!

The toddler has decided (screamingly,most days, insisting!) that potty training starts NOW! I'm not complaining!! It's just that, he usually screamingly insists on this after he needs changed and usually tries to wiggle his way out of a change since in his mind, he must sit on the potty NOW before he is changed. No matter the mess would get all over, right? (Ahh don't you love toddler logic?!) Most days he finally agrees
to at least 15.2 seconds to get him cleaned up before running off to the "poooo-teee!" So far, it's hit or miss with the trying. Most days, a miss. Did you know boys have this incredible capability of making the bathroom smell like pee? Two hours after letting Adrian sit several times and I was pulling out my cleaner to make it smell a little better. Hold me?? At least he's cute trying!! And, I guess that officially makes me a boy mom? Crown me now...! And please hand over allthelavenderoil to make it smell better!!
Cheesy to the macncheesy here!

Other things I've learned this week? People have the most not helpful things to say right when you're due. You could give me all the uncalled for belly touchings and I really would not care. It's going to happen, and there are more annoying things in the world. But the comments? I'm not sure when "oh you are so huge" was ever a complement?? Or, the attempt to sympathize with their own story of how they either went earlier than your or way later than you. Thank you but this helps me how?? I know, I know. People just want to say, "I've been there too! I feel for you" but I've come to decide, really in most situations, the most "helpful" words we can are either an action, like "I'm here for you! Let me know when I can bring you a meal/give you a break" etc or else just sympathizing and leaving it at that, even if there is no resolve to the situation (like, no labor in sight.) I promise, it sounds so much nicer to hear, "You know, that is really frustrating! I'm sorry!" instead of some trite sweet conclusive remark like, "But she'll come at the perfect time!" (Sure doesn't feel so perfect right now, that is all!") I think part of this might have to do with human nature and fixing things, but sometimes, the "fixing" doesn't feel so helpful when there actually isn't a resolution quite yet.  I'm taking note for the next time a friend is in a tough situation and I don't know what to say. Just being there and acknowledging their predicament and feelings ends up feeling so much better than trying to "fix" it. 

Other things this week: Facebook messenger. There is a ton of hype about all these crazy permissions it's asking for, but I promise it's not as bad as you think!! Check out this article!

Also: Kids are funny. It's even funnier when adults do things that kids do allthetime that would never work! The video  of several top ones made my day. 

I'm learning that: Although I don't wear a lot of jewelry, Stella & Dot just came out with their fall line and I already have quite a few favorites. There are a lot under $40 that are so pretty and, it just makes style simple! I don't have much time as a mom to make style happen, but any of these make it easy to do beautiful. Some of my favorites-
You can find more here!

This is one of their new fall pieces. I love it- it's reversible! And stretchy. And so.sparkly!
Stella & Dot link here

What are your weekend plans? There's a free safety fair near us that we might go to with a helicopter fly in, free bouncy house and food & drinks! Other than that, just seeing what little Adleigh has in mind!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our FREE little yellow, grey & gold nursery + how to make beautiful wall art! {Free download!!}

If you find me smiling today, it's because I just made this print for baby girl's nursery!

Oh this makes it seem so much more real!!! I was so excited to get her little nursery going! But these days, I'm not going very far, (and neither is our money!) so insert a little creativity! I wanted something with her name and a sweet quote. I found some really cute ones on Pinterest and decided this was pretty perfect! 

One of my favorite sites for creating art or for basic photo editing is Picmonkey. (It's free too!)
There are lots of great fonts and shapes and edits. If you don't have Photoshop, this is a great basic tool!

To get started, go to and create a new collage
Choose the photo(s) you'd like to use! If you're not using a photo, select one anyways to get the collage option to open. Once in collage, set the size of print you are wanting to make. 
Here is a helpful little cheat sheet for you to get you started! (Be sure the lock symbol is not turned on so it doesn't try to keep even proportions when you put the dimensions in!)

After you have your size selected, figure out the layout you'd like, add color or pattern swatches, and photos if you'd like one, then select "edit" to open in the editor and add text. You can add different borders or just leave it as is. 

And now a freebie for you- I am including the print I just made for you to download (with the space blank for you to add a name or photo) Just right-click and save! I also included one that has the words in the white space if you like the design better that way. 

There are chalkboard backgrounds in Picmonkey right now, so if you have been wanting chalkboard art but don't want to splurge on it, there is your answer right there!

One little thing for our nursery- we are on a budget right now so it needed to cost $0. Yes. Tall order I know!! If $10 had been the budget though, I totally could have pulled that off too though. You just need some creativity! Here are some closeups!

My favorite thing of all- a mobile I made with a wreath from the dollar store, ribbons, 
and buttons my Grandma gave to me a while ago!

It's not perfectly done diy art, but I still love it! I reused a picture frame someone gave me!

Free printables I found online, printed on cardstock and hung up with twine.

Magazine letter art is fun! I just found out you can download free printable magazine-style letters!

If you are in the market for an inexpensive nursery, or are designing a room, here are my favorite spots to score deals and ways to save money-

* Swap Buy Sites on Facebook for free items
* Posting asking if any friends have one you can use
* Free section on Craigslist
* Freecycle
* Hitting up garage sales at the very end of the day
* Thrift stores whose proceeds benefit the community. They are usually very inexpensive!!
* Habitat for Humanity's Re-store
* Liquidation stores
* Dollar Store (great place for picture frames & craft supplies!)
* Half off coupons for stores like Michaels
* Free printables
* Reusing things we already have
* Thrift stores during the week when they run 1/2 price sales on items
* The clearance/damaged section of stores. 

Now we just need sweet baby girl to come!!! I am so looking forward to laying her down in her sweet little nook. Maybe those 2 and 3 and 4 am feedings won't be so bad?

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Easy Summer Ideas: Bubbly Carwash!

I have a secret. A fun secret that means hours of summer play.

You want to know what it is?? Good! :)

The other day I was trying to think of something for our boys to do, that wouldn't equal an hour of prep time and about five minutes of play. Actually scratch that because on a good day, they usually last about two minutes before someone is crying, or something is broken, or they are running around the house partying nakie, throwing handfuls of confetti all over! Like forget you Pinterest! We have our own ideas of how that pretty collage is going to turn out! Today though, I was determined, because hello summer. Hello hot house. Hello 100 million times hearing "but what can I do?!?! NOOOO not that!!!! That is SO BORING! I am BORED! What can I do?!"

So enter solution. It is so simple too. Want to know my secret? Bubblebath + cars. I mean, it's quite ingenious really. (It's awesome for pools especially because the bubbles don't dissipate as quickly!) They get clean, they get to have awesome fun with bubbles and you get to win cool parent points because for some reason, bubbles in the water OUTSIDE are like magic. Our pool is buried somewhere in our garage, so the sprinkler it was today! The boys sure had fun! Here's proof!

  Nice and clean!!

Who else survived drinking out of the sprinkler as a kid?! I sure did! 
Just passing it on to my kids guys ;-) 
 Can you see my feet smiling?! They sure are!!!

 Sweet moment with my sweet oldest!

So there you have it guys. My secret solution to summer boredom! What tricks are you pulling out of your sleeve this summer?!

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