Friday, October 24, 2014

My Sweet Moments

Beautiful 630am snuggles


My brother is currently on a carrier and is missing color so I made this for him.

Currently offering a hostess bonus for the next person
 to book a trunk show, online or in person!

Horse + a senior + my camera? Yes please!!

These are my sweet moments lately. I am so blessed. Even on the mornings that come too early.
The nights that hold really bad headaches. These things are temporary and aren't always fun,
but there is always beauty to be found. I'm finding life is better when I choose to smile at the sweet.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two months of Adleigh!

Chica is two months old! Another month flew by. 
Adleigh is now:
giving us smiles and grins
talking up a storm
following with her eyes
sleeping through lots of noises
eating every hour or so!
up to 9 lbs 11 ounces! (and probably more now!)
sleeping almost through the night
in 0-3 month clothes
calmed by her Wubbanub and being held (We love the Wubbanub! 
Someone gave us the lamb and the pink bear. They have to be my favorite gifts!)
has dark blonde hair with touches of strawberry blonde
not a huge fan of headbands but tolerates them
sings along to music

Just a fun flashback to Adrian
they're like twins!!

See? Smiles!

She is the sweetest snuggle bug ever. I still can't believe I have a daughter to love and hold! 
It really is the best ever!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stumbling Into Grace Book Review (Lisa Harper)

Thanks to BookLook for providing the book to review for this post! All thoughts are my own though!

I love a book that feels like an old friend.  Those friendships are my favorite. They're the kind that remind me of the perfect cup of warm pumpkin chai- always just right and adding fun spice to your life. The tagline made me chuckle because it is so me- "Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman. Like I said, totally me. Stumbling Into Grace was a sweet read.

Author Lisa Harper challenges the reader to embrace the things that might seem a little bit scary, even if that looks messy! (Hint: it's ok!) . I can think of a couple right now for myself: facing a day that starts off with a looming pile of dishes and toddler cries and a shirt covered in spit-up with a smile rather than a frustrated scowl even though once again, my day is ruined before 9 a.m. My day. Lisa really challenged some thoughts I like to try and hold onto! Honestly, it's not my day to try and control. Good reminder to let that go!

One of my favorite quotes in the book: "There is nothing more ugly than a Christian orthodoxy without understanding or without compassion." - Francis Schaeffer

Between her humorous tales of slaying snakes and the hope she discovers and shares with a passion, I'd say this was a winner of a book. Definitely one I'd read again.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall fun

Today is all things cozy as I watch the rain pouring outside. Fall is finally here! While most people don't really care for our long drizzly fall and winter (yes, it's all one similar season here! ) I happen to love it (although, I don't complain when we get sun!) To me it means time snuggled up in comfy blankets, cups of pumpkin chai in hand. There are lots of fun things to look forward to. (In fact as I type this, Adrian is looking outside at the rain exclaiming, "WAIN-ING!!!!! Wook! Dere it is!! WAIN-ING!!!" We like rain!

This fall has been so special already with our sweet baby girl as a part of our family!

The day before Adleigh was born!!!

We celebrated one last hurrah for summer taking part of a local ice cream shop's annual Ice Cream a Palooza

They had a little farm there on the property and Adrian was enthralled by the chickens!

We took a last minute trip to the beach for labor day weekend fun. It was one of those days that was so hard just to get out the door but we ended up having such a nice picnic and time there!


AWANA kids' program started back up! It's fun to go as a family Monday nights!

We have a Sparky!! Andrew is loving his 2nd year in the program.

Homeschool is going exceptionally well! Adrian loves to get in on it too (literally!)
I think the biggest help for us has been doing what works for us, and not over-thinking school.

Adrian turned two!!
Birthday breakfast!

He has so much personality these days and it is fun (mostly!)
I have such a sweet hubby, making sure I get some relaxation time in. Coffee breaks are my favorite!
I had to chuckle this day though because I told Josh I was going to take the night off and he asked if I meant an hour or two for coffee. Nope. This mama means the whole night! Of course the Starbucks I went to closed half an hour after I got there! But, made the best of the time I had and went to Target afterwards. How is that place so incredibly therapeutic?! I couldn't tell you, but whatever it is, it's a kind of magic, I am certain!
My brother made it to town before his deployment and we sure enjoyed seeing he and his sweet girlfriend! Fro-yo date together was fantastic!

My mom ended up visiting the same week. It was wonderful to have her here since we only get to see each other once a year usually.
Grandmas are magic!

I was so glad the timing worked out to have my mom at Adleigh's baby shower. Something pretty special about that! More details later about the shower but here is one sneak peek picture!
It was perfect in every way!

My mom and I actually got to have tea twice at the shower and then a lovely local tea place! 
No pictures but it was wonderful!

Adleigh turned a month!

She is such a happy baby!

We enjoyed an extra week with my brother before he left.
 Our favorite thing is beach trips so,beach trip it was!

Bubble baths are our go-to these days for fussy teething relief!
(Especially with a few drops of lavender oil added! It helps a lot!)

Keeping with fall fun, we took part of the local Festival of Family Farms that fourteen farms participate in. It's fun and every year we remember all over again why we love living where we do! The area is beautiful, and the family farms are a wonderful (and important!) part of the local agriculture and economy. Admission any many of the activities are free as well! This year we explored a farm a lot closer to home. We usually have two favorites we go to, but decided a closer distance would be nicer than tradition!(Good idea too!) This particular farm had highland cattle. 

"Fly me to the moon!"

Tractor ride with Papa!

Adleigh has been more and more interactive, giving us big smiles and talking a bit!

I found a really fun kids' bedtime yoga video. Andrew is obsessed but I'm not complaining!

Andrew finally has his first loose tooth! He is so excited!

Just in case you missed it, signups for the Lil' Box o' Sunshine swap are going on through October 18th! Click on the photo for more details!

Happy fall!

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