Bits of Sweetness

What I Like About You

1.  You let me sleep in.  
We trade off and take turns with this one. It works out really well.

2.  You know my love language is acts of service.
And yeah, sometimes you forget. (I forget yours is words of affirmation and try to show love through what I love most. It's a work in progress.)

3.  Your personality.
Admittedly it drives me nuts (a lot) but I'm learning to love it and try and be curious and in awe over the guy I married.

4.  You choose to show compassion & love when I don't deserve it. 

5.  You pray with me and for me.

6.  Your extensive love of military history.

7.  Your willingness to listen to my random thoughts at random moments.
Ok not always elated at the thought but you try and I so appreciate that.

8.  You share my weird sense of humor.
Our inside jokes are the best.

9.  The fact that you work so hard.
You've come such a long ways. I'm really proud of you, love.

10.  The fact that we both forgot our anniversary last year until 8 pm that night and celebrated with just a kiss and time together.
It was one of the most special anniversaries, just being together.

I love you. Happy 11th Valentines Day my love. You point me to God, show me how good differences are, and keep me grounded with your keen wisdom and humor. ❤❤

Confession: I still haven't gotten you a card and candy yet but they're coming! We celebrate each other everyday so it might come the day after instead ;)

Three Things Thursday: Chicken curry, piano keys, and Victorian Mirrors

Linking up here with these sweet bloggers.

Three things on my mind.

1: I am so nervous about getting back into playing piano. 
I took lessons for years but it has been just as long since I've seriously played. I used to sing on our worship team, but hello babies and taking a much-needed break. Adleigh is almost 1 1/2 though so, I figured it would be a good time to jump back in. And, literally jump back in I am! I'm accompanying the worship team on the piano. This Sunday. Like a few days away. Um. Hello piano keys. Andrew is really thrilled about helping me get ready, which is pretty cute! I started working on the songs today (mostly fancy chording) only to discover our E key is out of commission. Haha! Well, you work with what you have. Here is a rusty run of "Your  Name." It's one of my favorite songs. This version does better justice, although truly, I wish I could record our church Sunday morning. Tears every time. It's beautiful!

2: Chicken curry is what's for dinner.
It's really mild mind you, but one of our favorites. 

3: Josh and I have been reading this blog lately. It's free therapy.
Literally. Hilarious. This lady has a penchant for gorgeous antique Victorian finds on Craigslist. The mirror saga is great. You can't make this stuff up guys.

What's on your mind today? Do you play any instruments growing up? Still remember them?