Bits of Sweetness: Seven seconds til I hit the ground

Seven seconds til I hit the ground

Confessions lately-

Q: What is a general pet peeve?
Not being able to name the song in my head! Ack!

That said-
This song is stuck in my head. yes I love dance-catchy music. Guilty as charged.
But hey what can I say? It is awesome for running. (not that I do that often but what is new ;-) )

I totally blew threw my chocolate restash in less than a week. Dove bars are so SO good though.

I don't care about the whole "no white or sandals post Labor Day/summer." To that I say- screw it. Fashion rules are way too strict. What rules have you broken? 

Speaking of which- I know they're trying to make a comeback but fanny packs just aren't cool guys! You really have to have skillz to do the look!

I have a hard time being sympathetic to people, oh I don't know, often?! I am pretty good at offering verbal sympathy though so you'd never know it. I'm kindof too nonchalant and easygoing for my own good. Working on that though because the world needs more caring, right?!

I am a pro at spending $100 on nothing at Target. Like seriously?! It's not anything impressive. Life is so expensive! Ugh!

I just polished off a bag of Andrew's school snacks (Pirate's Booty.) Oops. But no oops. I bought those for you kid!

Seven years later and you'd never know it. I love my hubby. I mean some days, I am all good with space and a break. But other days? Not so much. He's mine and I love him much. Thirty second meaningful hug or kiss. I'm discovering you don't need hours and hours to make a marriage better. Just start small. And despite the bumps and really off days, trying to treat each other like best friends and work towards the better does wonders. 

I think this hair is amazing for dressing up a bad hair day. I usually do half of the twists on a day I am feeling only halfway lazyish.

This is one of my favorite shots from a wedding photobooth I did recently for my best friend!

Shows on my watch list right now: Call the Midwife season 2, Parenthood season 4, & the Mindy Project. Soo exciting I know! What's on your list?

I've been thinking about ink. Yes the permanent kind. Probably won't ever happen but some of my fave ideas.

love this way to incorporate a verse!
Side of the foot or finger might be my fave!
Question is, which would hurt more?!

This? Yeah this. Always. There's a reason I approve any profile tags! :)

Happy Tuesday loves! Welcome any new readers! 

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  1. i literally just LOL so hard at those last two pictures of the cats - isn't that so true! thank you for the big laugh! this was such a fun post! i always just visiting ashley's blog and came over here to catch up on your posts. your photos are beautiful and i love the one you included on here of the wedding photo booth - awesome, awesome picture!
    i eat so much chocolate since having piper. it never really did all that much for me until after i had her. :)
    i hope you're having a relaxing night, laura! lots of love <3


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