Bits of Sweetness: 6 toys high energy kids LOVE (and you will too!)

6 toys high energy kids LOVE (and you will too!)

Got a high energy kid? We have two and some days (or, every day?!) they give us a run for our money! There are some fabulous toys we have picked up through the years and I thought I would share the favorites!
::Balance Board::
We just scored one of these for $5 off a swap buy page on Facebook! Both boys have already gotten tons of fun out of it, and it's small enough it can be taken along to the grandparents too!

::Fidget toy:: 
Ever noticed that some kids just need to move all the time? Our family doctor recommended a fidget toy to give just enough motion to help! An exercise ball is the favorite fidget toy around here. I found one super cheap at Ross! The Perplexus ball was another fun find ($5.99 at Goodwill!! Thrift stores are awesome!) On a smaller level, these colorful Cubebots are great to play with in a sitting-still setting!

::Beanbag crash pit::
If you don't have a crash pit in your life, you need one! They're ridiculously easy to make! You basically just create a big safe landing area for kids to jump, dive or run into! A beanbag makes a fun landing! There's something about the crashing that is actually therapeutic for our oldest but our youngest sure loves to join in on the fun too! I mean, who wouldn't love to be given permission to crash?!

::Mini Trampoline::
We have a liquidation store near us that has one of these for just $30 but check Craigslist for plenty of options! We got one a little bit bigger so both boys can fit on it. The boys love to incorporate this into the crash pit, jumping or flipping off of it onto the beanbag. This has been a lifesaver for the rainy days or times dad isn't home to wrestle with them!

This little seat is not only functional but fun! There are so many things you can do with it! (Not to mention all the cool colors it comes in!) It's light enough to float, you can stand on it, jump on it, sit in it, spin it it + anything else your kids might come up with! We just scored one on Craigslist for $10 but, you can find them new here! (p.s. That is my favorite kids toy store ever!! So many awesome educational and interactive toys!)

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