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About Laura

Hi there! Glad you stopped by! Have a latte, on me! (White chocolate caramel vanilla latte is my favorite!) I'm Laura, the writer of this little blog. What started as a way to simply keep in touch with family and serve as a baby book of sorts has evolved into a wonderful community to share thoughts and dreams and life with my sweet readers! I love the name "Bits of Sweetness" because it so accurately describes our life- a little bit sweet, a little bit crazy, and lots of love- that is us! I guess you could call this a "lifestyle" blog in that, I'm honest, and real, and try to write things that people can connect with! There is lots of parenting stuff with us having 2 boys and 1 sweet girl on the way, but I love throwing in other things too, whether inspirational things, musings on life, money-saving tips, reviews and more.

Things I love?
Our little family
Trader Joe's cocoa cookie butter
Encouraging women to be who God truly made them to be
Stupid jokes (especially blonde ones)
My relationship with Jesus. It's pretty personal/non legalistic
Stella & Dot
A really good cup of tea

You can find me around on 


  1. Loved all these facts! I've never been to Disneyland either. One day though :) your blog is really the cutest!

  2. love your fun facts and I am the same with Roller Coasters, love them hate the roundy round rides.

  3. It is nice to meet you, Laura :) Looking forward to learning more about you!


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